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As you are already aware, the extracurricular activities did not take place physically in the school since March 16th through May 15th, marking the end of group activities - while private lessons have for the most past have continued and will continue until the 26th June.

We would like to remind you, that any reduction of the overhead costs associated with the disruption of the program will be reflected in the price of the activities this coming Fall.  In an effort to preserve the network of monitors and in a spirit of solidarity in this difficult period,  APEEEL-1 has honored its obligations and commitments to indemnify the monitors during this difficult period.

However, Parents  facing immediate financial challenges, can contact us individually and submit a request for a partial extracurricular activities refund. These requests will be analysed case by case basis and the possible refund would take place end of June.

Only requests submitted until 8th June and by e-mail: will be considered. The refund form will be sent you personally after the first contact with our team.  Thank you in advance for your generosity, close collaboration and understanding,





Inscriptions aux cours privés de 1ièr semestre/ 1st semester private lessons enrollment




Foire des activités /activities fair




inscriptions des membres aux activités du groupe/ member enrollments to the group activities




inscriptions aux activités de groupe pour tous/ group activities enrollments for all





Début des activités/ Beginning of activities




Inscriptions aux cours privés de 2ième semestre/ 2nd semester private lessons enrollment




Début des cours privés 2ème semestre/ Beginning of private lessons 2nd semester




Fin des activités de groupe/ End of group activities




Fin des cours privés/end of private lessons




Inscriptions are online on the website

I. Create an account

  1. Go to: Parent registration
  2. Enter all details. If you are an APEEE Lux 1 member, it is at this point that you will enter your member code (begins with APEEELU) and your name.
  3. Register all your children on the system: Go to: parent → children management → new. Add all your children with all details.
  4. Create a personal password (use a mix of upper-lower case letters, digits and special characters).
  5. Then you will able to see the activities and to enrol.


II. Enrol to the group activity

  1. Connect on the system
  2. Go to: group activities and make your choice from the list of activities. Click at the bottom view and subscriberegister. The "register" button will disappear when the maximum permitted number of participants is reached.
  3. Payments. Go to your basket where you’ll find all your chosen activities → pay

- Payment is only possible by credit card: VISA or MASTERCARD

- Once your enrolment is done and payment is made, you will receive an e-mail confirmation


III. Enrol to the private lesson

  1. Connect on the system
  2. Go to: parent→ private lessons→ view and subscribe
  3. Choose a day and duration
  4. Then your request automatically will be send to the monitor
  5. Once he/she confirms your exact lesson time, you’ll receive a message to finalise the enrolment process
  6. After this message you’ll have 24 hours to confirm it and pay ( only directly online)
  7. Once it’s done you’ll receive a final confirmation and your child could start/continue lessons.


IV. Your activities, contacts

All your activities with the monitor and coordinator contact you can see when you connect to your account.

As a result of heightened security measures taken by the European Schools, in and around the premises, parents ‘access to the school during teaching hours will be curtailed. This thickening of the access will be alleviated by the introduction of an «accompagnement service» for the primary pupils who are going to the 1st activity of the day, provided by the Parents’Association. This service will allow pupils to regroup with their monitor (at specify location) and to be accompanied at the location of the Extracurricular Activities. The accompagnement includes:

  1. Short days: regroupment with the activity monitor; going to the canteen for a lunch (given by parents or CPE); going to the activity location with all the group, supervised by the activity monitor.
  2. Long days: regroupment with the activity monitor and going to the activity location with all the group, supervised by the activity monitor

This is expected to dispense Parents from bringing their child to the door of the activity.  In addition, it is expected that this will help avoid situations where younger pupils are «stranded» without knowing where to go.  Parents will however continue to be required to punctually pick up their children at the end of the activity.

In line with the policy recommendations from the General Assembly and the APEEEL1 statutes, priority access to the activities will be given to registered, paid-up members of the Parents’ Associations, APEEE Lux 1.

  • For the activities which are full, we will operate a waiting list system.
  • Lux 2 parents can enrol their children to participate in an activity offered by APEEE Lux 1 even if the child does not attend the Lux 1 ES, but APEEE Lux 1 members ans families whose children attend Lux 1 school will have the priority for the activities.

Please note that the final activities on offer will depend on the number of inscriptions made in September."