If there is a Covid 19 isolated case, scenario B in the school, the extracurricular activities are taking place and we are applying the necessary sanitary measures.

If you are in the scenario C or D the concerned children aren't allowed to attend the activities. The extracurricular activities are following the same Covid 19 measures as school: http://www.euroschool.lu/site/fr/mesures-covid-19-applicables/







Inscriptions aux cours privés  du 1ièr semestre/ 1st term private   lessons enrollments 



 Lundi/Monday-   Vendredi/Friday


Inscriptions aux activités de groupe de membres/ enrollments to the group activities for members




Inscriptions aux activités de groupe pour tous/ group activities enrollments for all





Début des activités/ Activities start




Inscriptions aux cours privés de 2ième semester/2nd term private lessons enrollments





Début de cours privés 2ème semestre/ Beginning of the 2nd term private lessons




Fin de cours de groupe/ end of groupe lessons




Fin de cours privés et solfège/end of the private lessons and the solfège





Les activités périscolaires n’ont pas lieu pendant les vacances de l’école, y compris la journée pédagogique / Extracurricular activities do not take place during school holidays, including the pedagogical day

We noticed that parents who have an account with curia or eib email address do not get some of the emails from PAMS( forget your password, others), to avoid the eventual problems, please change the email or create a new account  with your personal email.



You have to sign up to register your children to the extracurricular activity.

Parent Registration

Sign in and browse the backend of the application.

Sign in



16h /16h45 ART WORKSHOP



14h45/15h45 BRICK4KIDS



17h15/18h30 MANGA DRAWING advanced


16h30/18h15 Club d’échecs Avancés
16h45/18h45 Theatre Français



16:45-18:15 VOLLEYBALL



16:15-17:45 MATHS CLUB avec accompagnement



13:45-15:00 ARTS PLASTIQUES avec accompagnement

13:45-15:00 LUDOTHEQUE avec accompagnement

13:45-14:45 MATHS CLUB avec accompagnement
15:00-16:30  ARTS PLASTIQUES



16:30-18:15  CLUB D'ECHECS Débutants

16:30-18:15 CLUB D'ECHECS Avancés

16:45-18:15 FOOTBALL




14:45-15:45 BRICKS4KIDS


14:00-15:00 KIDS ENTREPRENEURSHIP avec accompagnement

15:30-16:45 TABLE TENNIS




The extracurricular activities are following the same Covid 19 measures as school:



  • This school year, due to the current health crisis, the health and security measures and restrictions will be regularly updated and adapted to the situation. All the updated information can be found on the https://periscolaire.apeeel1.lu website.
  • In the extracurricular activities participating children are insured by APEEEL1 civil liability insurance while the risks against accident are covered under the School coverage.
  • Lux II pupils attending Lux I activities, are not covered by the Lux 1 school accident insurance. In order to participate in the APEEEL1 activities, Lux II pupils must have their own insurance.
  • In an emergency, course supervisors or coordinators will act in loco parentis.
  • A policy of equal treatment is applied. We kindly ask you to let us know if your child has special needs in order to assess the possibility of offering an appropriate service. The parent/legal guardian/ authorized person must inform the organizers of all relevant health issues prior to registration. In certain circumstances, the organizers reserve the right to refuse the inscription.
  • The parent/legal guardian/ authorized person is not allowed to enter the school premises.
  • Visits during the activities on the school site are not permitted without the prior agreement of the Extracurricular team. Parents exceptionally wishing to come must make a request to the Extracurricular team by e-mail to periscolaire@apeeel1.lu.
  • After the end of school, the primary and nursery pupils for the 1st activity of the day will be supervised by the extracurricular activities team. The children who have activities later in the afternoon, must be accompanied to the designated place by their parent/legal guardian/ authorized person.
  • After the activity, the secondary pupils can leave the school premises alone. The primary pupils can leave the school premises alone with the disclaimer form, and the nursery pupils cannot leave the school premises alone. Copy of the disclaimer form should be given to the activity monitor and another copy must be held by the pupil to show to the security guard.
  • For the duration of the activity session, including the time before when the child is given to the monitor and after, when the child is still with the monitor, the monitor assumes all responsibility for supervision. The APEEEL1 is not held responsible if a child does not attend an extracurricular activity.
  • The child must be brought at least 15 minutes before the start of the activity to the designated meeting place from where he/she will be taken by the monitor or another responsible person to the activity’s location.
  • The parent/legal guardian/ authorized person must remain with the child until the monitor arrives.
  • It is very important that pupils arrive on time and are collected punctually at the end of the activity session. If a pupil arrives late to the designated place before the start of the activity, the monitor can’t wait and will go with the rest of the group to the activity’s location. In exceptional circumstances, the late arrival will be allowed to enter the school premises alone. In this case he/she will go to the activity’s location without any supervision.
  • The parent/legal guardian/ authorized person must come to pick up the child 15 minutes before the end of the activity at the designated place.
  • At the end of the activities, if a child is not picked up on time by an authorized person, he or she will be held responsible and will be fined. The fine is 35 euros if the parent/legal guardian/ authorized person is late more than 10 minutes to collect the child. The fee is payable prior to the next session, the following week. The proof of payment is required and has to be sent to the e-mail: periscolaire@apeeel1.lu. If the parent/legal guardian/ authorized person does not pay by the deadline, the following week their participation in the activity might be jeopardized. If the situation persists, after the 3rd time, participation in the activity will be permanently withdrawn without a refund. This policy is aligned with the one implemented by the school.
  • APEEEL1 does not offer a day care service.  Based upon common practices in Luxembourg, if the child is not collected more than 45 minutes after the last activity, without communication between the parent/legal/guardian/authorized person and the Extracurricular Activities Team, the Luxembourg Authorities having jurisdiction in such matters will be contacted in such instance for assistance.
  • Pupils should wear appropriate shoes and clothing for the activity concerned. The APEEEL1 is not responsible for any damage to shoes or clothing resulting from the activity. Material damage caused by a student during an activity will be charged to parents.
  • This school year, the primary and secondary pupils are not allowed to use the changing rooms, there are some exceptions. Children are required to come to the school already wearing their sports clothes on the day of the sports activity.
  • Students are responsible for their own property, in particular for the valuables they bring. The APEEEL1 is not responsible for lost items on the school premises. If your child has lost something, he/she can look for the item in “lost property”.
  • Pupils are encouraged to comply with the code of conduct and follow the instructions of the monitor and the APEEEL1. If the pupil exhibits persistent disruptive behaviour, it will be reported to parents. This may result the exclusion from the extracurricular activity affected.
  • Harassment, bullying or physical assault is not tolerated under any circumstances. Any incidents will be immediately communicated to the Extracurricular team which will take the appropriate measures. The Extracurricular Committee commutes the right to take disciplinary measures against children responsible for incidents that jeopardize the safety of others; the children, the monitor or any other person. In exceptional cases, the APEEEL1 can offer parents a change of activity.
  • Bringing dangerous objects (knives, penknives, lasers, etc.) to the activity, apart from those admitted for medical reasons, is strictly prohibited for students and extracurricular monitors.

An «accompagnement service» is for the primary and nursery pupils who are going to the 1st activity of the day, provided by the Parents’ Association. This service allows pupils to regroup with their monitor (at a designated meeting point) and to be accompanied at the location of the Extracurricular Activities. The school teacher or the CPE person in charge will bring the kids in the meeting point. The accompagnement includes:

  1. Short days: regroupment with the activity monitor; going to the canteen or another place for a lunch, given by parents or CPE for primary pupils and given by parents for nursery pupils; going to the activity location with all the group, supervised by the activity monitor.
  2. Long days: regroupment with the activity monitor and going to the activity location with all the group, supervised by the activity monitor.

Parents continue to be required to punctually pick up their children at the end of the activity at the designated entrance

Inscriptions are online on the https://periscolaire.apeeel1.lu website

I. Create an account

  1. Go to: Parent registration
  2. Enter all details. If you are an APEEE Lux 1 member, it is at this point that you will enter your member code (begins with APEEELU) and your name.
  3. Register all your children on the system: Go to: parent → children management → new. Add all your children with all details.
  4. Create a personal password (use a mix of upper-lower case letters, digits and special characters).
  5. Then you will able to see the activities and to enrol.


II. Enrol to the group activity

  1. Connect on the system
  2. Go to: group activities and make your choice from the list of activities. Click at the bottom view and subscriberegister. The "register" button will disappear when the maximum permitted number of participants is reached.
  3. Payments. Go to your basket where you’ll find all your chosen activities → pay

- Payment is only possible by credit card: VISA or MASTERCARD

- Once your enrolment is done and payment is made, you will receive an e-mail confirmation


III. Enrol to the private lesson

  1. Connect on the system
  2. Go to: parent→ private lessons→ view and subscribe
  3. Choose a day and duration
  4. Then your request automatically will be send to the monitor
  5. Once he/she confirms your exact lesson time, you’ll receive a message to finalise the enrolment process
  6. After this message you’ll have 24 hours to confirm it and pay ( only directly online)
  7. Once it’s done you’ll receive a final confirmation and your child could start/continue lessons.


IV. Your activities, contacts

All your activities with the monitor and coordinator contact you can see when you connect to your account.

In line with the policy recommendations from the General Assembly and the APEEEL1 statutes, priority access to the activities will be given to registered, paid-up members of the Parents’ Associations, APEEE Lux 1.

  • For the activities which are full, we will operate a waiting list system.
  • Lux 2 parents can enrol their children to participate in an activity offered by APEEE Lux 1 even if the child does not attend the Lux 1 ES, but APEEE Lux 1 members ans families whose children attend Lux 1 school will have the priority for the activities.

Please note that the final activities on offer will depend on the number of inscriptions made in September."